Sunday, February 7, 2016

15 months

Our baby girl is 15 months old this week! She's changing so much every day.

 Sometime during the last 3 months, she officially graduated from baby to toddler.

She's ALL OVER the place.
She's walking quite proficiently - running most of the time actually. She has full reign of the house. Up and down stairs with ease - following her brothers everywhere.
She explores constantly. She loves to empty cabinets, trash cans, and kleenex boxes. 

She climbs to the top of anything she can - chairs, stools, tables. If she's awake, there's no leaving her alone for one minute. She's either making a mess or endangering her life. But that's the life of a toddler, right?

She still loves books and animals (enough that she drew kitty whiskers on herself with a pen!).  She's broadened  her dance moves, and she's even started singing on her own.  Her favorite song goes, "Da da da dada da." It's the sweetest thing you've EVER HEARD.

She loves her family and is happiest when we're all home together.

She's down to one nap which gives me roughly 90 minutes of productive time in my day.  She consistently sleeps from 8:00pm to 6:30am at night.
Her hair is getting long and is completely out of control. It's Donald Trump hair - fine and poofy - too long for headbands (not that she would leave them in) and too short for pony tails. Her mom is at a complete loss.
This fridge toy is one of her favorites from Christmas. She loves interchanging the letters and listening to the songs. It's usually the first thing she wants to show any guests that enter our house.
Today, her favorite food is peanut butter sandwiches and applesauce. She still loves most fruits - still no taste for bananas or cantaloupe though. She loves pasta, chicken, and Baby Girl can down three slices of pizza faster than her brothers. She's drinks only one bottle of whole milk first thing in the morning. Sometimes she asks for one after her afternoon nap as well.
She babbles a lot, and her expanding vocabulary includes Mama, Dada, Bubba, ball, whoa, WOW, that, and uh oh. She can point on demand  to her hair, nose, mouth, belly, and feet.
It's clear that she understands almost everything we say to her. She's unfortunately reached that very frustrating stage where she knows exactly what she wants, but still cannot communicate very effectively. This leads to lots of whining and pointing "THAT! THAT! THAT!" and exhaustive tantrums when we don't understand.
She loves to cuddle and be rocked. She's makes smacking noises with her mouth when you ask for a kiss...
We sure love our Sailor June. In the words of her biggest brother, "She like having a pet, but BETTER!"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Snowzilla 2016

Two weeks ago, we were hunkering down excitedly as we awaited our first blizzard!  It all started around 2:30pm on Friday...
This is after it had only been snowing a couple of hours. It was already starting to cover the ground.
It was so pretty and peaceful!
We're so excited!
A little snack.
That smile!
Brothers gotta hug!
It was still snowing when we woke up Saturday morning. There was already an 18in drift on the deck. Sailor just kept pointing and saying "Oh! Wow!"
The boys ventured out once with Dad to explore. Too cold and windy for Mom and Sailor! A crew continued to plow the roads through the storm creating mountains of snow on the sides of the road. Fun for climbing!
Couldn't resist the urge to sled even while the snow continued to fall. BRRR!!
Scott took this in one of the mirrors on the golf cart path.
 Back inside for hot chocolate and many games of Electronic Battleship.
Yep, still snowing! 26 hours and counting... as the day progressed, the conditions got more "blizzardy."
Time to cozy up by the fire!

This is the snowdrift on the deck by Saturday night.

Good Morning Sunshine! Sunday morning the storm was finally over.
We were left with a frozen tundra out front.
And our view from the back...that's Scott's truck on the far left. Buried!
Where's our van? We purposefully left it outside thinking it would mean less shoveling of the driveway. All it did was create very awkward snow drifts that we had to dig the van out literally took 3 days to finally get it out! 
After we did "home church," we bundled up and  took a little family trek around the neighborhood to survey the damage.

This is a park bench completely flush with the snow.

Of course the boys had a blast climbing and jumping off the huge piles!
Mark loves the snow in Virginia as much as he loved the beach in Hawaii! 
Definitely the most snow we've ever seen!
Don't even think about it, Keaton!

Our little snow bunny was content riding on Daddy's back.
First snowman of the year! They named him "Freezer." FYI: Oreo minis work great for eyes and mouth!
On Monday, we went sledding with our good friends, the Wicshmeiers. The golf course had some awesome sledding hills!

Sailor and her best buddy, Isabel

Not a bad view!

My handsome dude!
So much fun!
Sailor "tolerated" sledding, but it was a  little cold for her!
Dennis and Ethan
Scott's the videographer of the family.
We like to call Mark "Cold-i-locks"
These hills were steep!

Sea turtles are great for sledding too!
Sailor preferred watching from the comfort of Mom's lap!

Snowzilla 2016 dropped at least 20 inches of snow on us when it was all over- 3-4 ft in other areas not far from here.  We ended up with 7 school snow days and 2 days where the federal offices in DC were closed completely.  I kept thinking about how blessed we are to live in a warm home where we could enjoy the wonder of the storm with hardly an inconvenience. We never even lost power or ran out of milk (or wine!). We are so thankful that this historic blizzard brought us nothing but fun and great memories!